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It makes me laugh

that all the reason I’ve really come to dislike Apple is because of work.

  • Apple basically told us we were too stupid to sell iPads (but somehow smart enough to sell iPods?) and then turned around and said “OHAY WE WANT MOHR MONEYZ” and let us sell them.
  • BUT there are conditions to being able to sell them. Our plano (basically the way the products are set up) have to how Apple specifically wants them, and they can come in at any time, see a product is off, and revoke all of our rights to sell any Apple product. Bullshit.
  • The worst part is that they think that my coworkers and I are a bunch of thieves. They make us pull iPads and iPods at night, which is understandable, but they make us have the store director (the BIG boss) have us load them into a cart and take separate trips back to lock them up. Before we got iPads, we could just pull them ourselves, but apparently our workers are going to steal them now. 
  • It’s pretty to degrading to have to get on your knees and throw shit into a box as fast as you can as your boss is staring at their watch like you’re wasting their time. 
  • Oh and there’s a certain time they want you to do it in, and if you miss that time frame and they find out, they can revoke their products from the entire chain.
  • OH and there has to be someone in the department (preferably behind the desk) whenever the iPods/iPads are out. This means that when (not if, when) they pull one of us to run a lane and a customer wants a TV, the other person has to call around begging people to come stand in the department. This usually takes ten minutes in which the customer gets irritated and I get frustrated and feel useless. When someone finally comes over, then it takes me another 5-10 minutes to get the TV, depending on whether it’s over 32 inches (those I can get by myself) or a giant TV and have to call for help. If I have to call for help, it takes even longer. We’ve had people stand around for a half an hour before because of this.

Bullshittery. Hate it. Apple has made pretty much made me feel stupid, helpless, and degraded. Thank you so much for that.